The good news

8/1/2022 Good news for the unvaccinated the likelihood of catching Omicron seems to be less than for those that have been fully vaccinated (according to the latest figures from Iceland - these figures may be distorted though because many of those that are registered as unvaccinated Icelandic residents may in fact not be living in Iceland resulting in an undercount of the percentage hospitalization. In any case the advantage of vaccination against Omicron seems not so obvious when it comes to hospitalization, but may show greater advantage when it comes to extreme cases and deaths). Only those that have received a RECENT booster have an advantage so far when it comes to hospitalization. However giving endless boosters does not seem to be a good option. It would therefore make sense not to have everybody receive the boosters around the same time, but rather spread it out and only give them when the hospitals can no longer cope. No matter what we continue to recommend daily Vitamin-D supplements.

24/12/2021 Comparing the case numbers and death numbers it looks like those countries which have a higher proportion of Omicron are doing much better, with cases skyrocketing but the number of deaths falling. This can clearly be seen from the data from South Africa and the UK. Countries like France which has closed its doors to the UK in an attempt to keep out Omicron are doing much worse. So Omicron may be the super vaccine we are looking for. We should be welcoming this variant and not closing our borders. But of course at the same time encouraging everyone and especially the fat, the colored and those that stay inside all the time to take Vitamin-D supplements. The United States just reopened it's border to South Africa and other countries specifically affected by Omicron. South Africa itself has just announced that it is abending contact tracing and covid-19 restrictions.

18/11/2021 If one were to believe the BBC and CNN the Non-vaccinated have saved the day. It is almost certainly not CNN intention to suggest this but when taken together the CNN´s blame game and a the BBC News article (that quotes a scientist saying that the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant symptoms are extremely mild) that is in fact what can deduce from the news. Let's hope it's true, for an extremely mild and yet highly contagious variant might be much more effective in protecting populations against deadlier variants than the controversial vaccines. To a certain extent this may have been the case with the Delta variant. In any case we encourage people to continue to life healthy and get enough vitamin-D.

Denmark has removed all domestic Covid-19 measures and declassified the covid-19 as not being a pandemic anymore but rather a health concern on par with the normal flu. The reasoning behind this is that the death rate was down and indeed even before most of the population got vaccinated. We attribute this to the following:

  • Denmark has always recommended Vitamin-D (a secosteroid hormone) especially for the colored and the elderly

  • Denmark has found a bit more effective formula in the treatment of COVID-19 including the use of low-dose corticosteroids against severe COVID-19 which seems to work in a similar way as calciferol a Vitamin-D derivative which can be used earlier.

Unfortunately even though Denmark is not doing so bad compared to other countries and despite the absence of COVID-19 measures they seem to be heading again towards a discriminatory approach like so many countries. With over 86% vaccinated they are still pushing for a higher vaccination rate.

It is great news that finally a government committee is recommending vitamin-D for all its citizens. The government of Ireland (which happens to have the longest running parliament in the world) . This is very important as other country leaders shy away from taking such an initiative. It will now be much easier for other leaders to follow. But unfortunately some will still be hesitant in the face of the orchestrated campaign against vitamin-D. It is absurd that the US justice department is suing someone for selling the vitamin-D therapy at the same time another country has taken the great step of recommending it to everybody.

Ireland has been doing relatively well with COVID-19 but compared to Finland has had 5 times the death rate and the only real difference being that the Irish do not supplement their milk with high or indeed any vitamin-D and have not been advocating that people take vitamin-D like the Helsinki health district. We have been pointing this out for well over a year now.

Ireland made recommendations in April 2021 that everyone should take vitamin-D and the Covid-19 death rate fell to zero a few weeks later. However they do not know where priority is more important than budget so they are waiting for next years budget before taking further measures. The right thing to do is to continue to hammer in the message that taking Vitamin-D supplements is important and to supplement some food item as Finland does.

Iceland never had much of restrictions and yet the lowest death rate in Europe. Travel is open to every country. People who do not have an antibody test or a proof of vaccination, must take some PCR tests and must not mix with the rest of the population until after 5 days.

In Switzerland people have always been allowed out. All but larger meetings are allowed. Restaurants are open. People arriving from high risk areas may need to quarantine.

It is interesting that Sweden, Iceland and Switzerland which have had much less lockdown measures are all doing better than Germany which keeps extending its lockdown measures.

The sun may be not only the best source of Vitamin-D but seems to have an extra beneficial component in the bodies ability to fight COVID-19 according to new research.

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Fortunately the disinformation campaign against Vitamin-D is not able to shut up all researchers. Eventually the truth will come out and all those which willingly or unwittingly took part in that campaign (as was the case for those that spread doubts about the bad health effects of smoking) will be shamed and should actually have the extra deaths and suffering on their conscience.

Here are some good reports:

"What would politicians, scientists, journalists, doctors and the population say if there was a drug, which would?

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"Vitamin D deficiency markedly increases the chance of having severe disease after infection with SARS Cov-2. The intensity of inflammatory response is also higher in vitamin D deficient COVID-19 patients. This all translates to increased morbidity and mortality in COVID-19 patients who are deficient in vitamin D. Keeping the current COVID-19 pandemic in view authors recommend administration of vitamin D supplements to population at risk to COVID-19"

Pakistan's University of Health Sciences: "We have conclusively shown through our trial that Vitamin D not only protects you from the (Covid-19) virus but also prevents further progression of the disease"

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